What do Botox Injections Cost?

August 10, 2012

Pros vs Cons

Asking what Botox costs is a little like asking how much a wedding dress costs – it depends on where you get it and how complicated a design you get. How much your Botox will cost is depends on how much you get, and how complicated your individual case is. In addition to this, the cost of Botox injections can vary widely from city to city and from Doctor to Doctor.

Botox is typically charged by the Unit. When Botox is dissolved into saline and ready for injection, 1cc of the fluid will contain 40 Units of Botox. Or, put another way, 1 Unit of Botox will be found in every drop of fluid. The average cost of Botox is between $10/unit and $14/unit, usually around $12/unit.  We’ll go through some average doses in different area of the face below.


Forehead 8-12 $96-$144
Brow Lift (both sides) 4 $48
Between the brows 16-20 $192-$240
Crows feet (both sides) 12-24 $144-$288
Chin Cobblestoning 4-8 $48-$96
Smokers Lines 4 $48
Bunny Lines (both sides) 6-12 $72-$144
Downturning  Mouth (bothsides) 4-8 $48-$96
Lines under the eyes (both sides) 4-8 $48-$96


What is Botox and How Does it Work?

Botox is a medication that prevents some of your nerves being able to communicate with your muscles. You can think of Botox like a software problem that stops your laptop from connecting to the internet. The server (your nerves) is trying to communicate, but the computer (your muscles) is just not getting the messages. When your muscles are not getting instructions from your nerves they relax. When the muscles relax so does the skin on top of them – causing wrinkles smooth out. The most important thing to know about Botox is this: It does not only treat the wrinkles you have. By relaxing the muscles that are causing the wrinkles in the first place, Botox prevents new wrinkles from forming, effectively hitting a “pause” button on aging in the injected area.


What Lines will Botox Work best on?

Because Botox works by relaxing the muscles, it works best on the lines of the face that are caused by muscular contractions: namely the lines of the forehead, between the brows, and around the eyes. Typically, the lines of the lower face are caused by volume loss instead of muscle movement, and have to be treated with fillers or lasers. Botox can also be used for some work on the lower face, but it is less common.


The Forehead

Before and After Botox in Forehead

The parallel lines in the forehead are caused by the action of the Frontalis muscle – a flat band of muscles that cover the entire foreheaddown into the temples. Botox is used to relax this muscle, leading to smoothing of the lines across the forehead. The dose varies according to how strong this muscle is, and how much expression people want to have. A light dose would typically be in the 8-10 unit range. A heavier dose (for someone with stronger muscles or deeper lines) would be 12-16 units. A man, due to their larger and heavier muscles, will typically need closer to 20 units to have an effect.

Average Cost for Fine Lines- $100-$120

Average Cost for Deeper Creases – $140-$190

Average Cost for a Man – $250


Between the Brows

Before and After Botox Between Brows

The vertical lines between the eyebrows are caused by the action of the Procerus and Corrugator muscles – a wing of strong muscles that begin in the middle of the brow and flare out along the eyebrows. You can clearly see these muscle – they are underneath the skin that moves above your eyebrows when you frown. These are stronger muscles than those in the forehead – and even though it is a smaller area, a larger dose of Botox is needed to relax them. For someone with only fine lines between their brows, the dose is approximately16 units. For deeper lines or creasing, the dose is approximately20 units. Men typically need closer to 28 units, because they typically have larger stronger muscles in this area.

Average Cost for Fine Lines- $180-$220

Average Cost for Deeper Creases – $240-$270

Average Cost for a Man – $330-$350


Crows Feet

Before and After Botox in Crow's Feet

The lines that form around your eyes when you smile are caused by the Orbis Occularis muscle – a circular ring of muscle that circles the entire eye socket. This is a small flat muscle, that is relatively weak So it  does not take much Botox to paralyze it. F someone who has small lines around the corners of the eyes themselves – nothing longer than about an inch – the dose would be about 6 units on a side. When the lines begin to travel farther than an inch, the dose is more like 8 units a side. When the lines become long enough that they are traveling into the cheek or all the way to the hairline, closer to 12 units will be needed on a side. The does for men and women is similar in this muscle.

Average Cost for Short and Fine lines- $150

Average Cost for Longer and Deeper Lines – $200

Average Cost for Advanced Lines – $280


Other areas of the Face

There are several other places that Botox can be used. Since they are less common, we’ll go over them quickly.


Brow Lift

Before and After Brow Lift with Botox

Botox can be used in small doses to lift the brow. Typically 2 units on a side is used. Cost is typically around $50.

Cobblestoning Chin

Before and After Botox in Chin

Some people have a very strong muscle in the chin that makes the skin there look like “cobblestones” when it is flexed. This can be treated with between 4-8 units. Cost is $50-$100.

Down-Turning at the Corner of the Mouth

Botox in the Corners of the Mouth

As we age the muscles at the corners of the mouth can cause the corners of the mouth to droop downwards. Botox can weakness this muscle, allowing the other muscles around the mouth to lift the corners back up. Usually 2-4 units on a side. Cost is $50-100.

Smokers Lines

Botox in Lip Lines

The vertical lines that run across the top lip are called smokers lines – even in people who do not smoke. Botox can soften them be relaxing the circular muscle around the mouth. This typically takes 4 units, and costs about $50.

Lines underneath the Eyes

Botox Under the Eyes

Botox can help soften the lines underneath the eye in some people. This usually takes 2-4 units on a side, and costs about $50-$100.

Bunny Lines

Botox in the Bunny Lines

The lines across the top of the nose when you smile are called bunny lines. They can be treated with 6-12 units – depending on how strong the muscles are. This typically costs about $70-$150.

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